Hi guys,
This is Dele, Demi´s dad. This is just to let you know that everything you do could never be paid for. There is nothing to substitute love and for this we wish to express our gratitude. We see the development and progress Demi has made over the months. We see the gifts and the food she brings home every evening. Life has started for our little princess in a most wonderful way and for this reason you all will eternally be in our hearts.

Yours is not a nursery. It´s a family and we are proud of you and proud to be part of it.

Thanks & Kind Regards,
Zainab & Dele Odutola.

The Learning Tree Families

Sometimes it’s them who know the best…

I’m bit of an oldie. Having said that, it gives me ease to confess that I follow the convention that it’s always mums who knows the best. Learning tree did prove me wrong there on more than one occasion. It had been a month that my two-year old son Vayu, had been attending the local nursery Learning Tree and I was curious to know how was he coping. Back home, he is a fussy eater, a bit of a recluse and easily bored of doing any activity for long.

A cheerful childminder informed me that like everyday he had emptied the contents of his plate, was displaying constructive instances to communicate and bond with others. I was a bit surprised and volunteered for a sneak preview into his typical day there. It was a Forest Day retreat in the nearby Osterly Park where amongst many other children I could see my toddler running around with an exercise sheet in his hand. I observed that the staff at Learning Tree was constantly initiating, appreciating and recognising every child for their unique talents. The teatime had a surprise waiting for me. The staff was entrusting some of the fussy eaters i.e my son to convince fellow children to finish the contents of their plate. I saw my son leading this activity by demonstrating how to chew food before swallowing it!

Today, I see clear advantages of having sent both my children to Learning Tree primarily because it doesn’t run on a franchisee formula. Whist franchisee nurseries have their own advantages, in contrast I found Learning tree administration is always open to changes, trying new exercises like their Monday library visits and prepared to listen. I mention library visits with great stress, as my son was not in particular a careful pedestrian, which means you can expect him to run across a street uninformed. It was their Monday library trips on foot that educated him about the difference between ‘walking alongside’ and ‘crossing a road’. The habit of engaging children in story time session outside their nursery set up has made my son pay attention to details and achieved better listening skills.

I see him as a promising lad taking interest in creative activities, exploring books, engaging in team building activities and bonding with society at large. Well! no qualms in admitting, “sometimes its them who know best”.

Namita Oberoi

Comments from Families and Professionals

As a visiting professional, I have found the staff at The Learning Tree fantastic. They have been great at following through with the speech and language advice I have given. I've been able to achieve so much with the children I have been working with becuase of all the great follow up work the staff carry out between my visits. Thank you to all the staff for your hard work with the children!
Comment by: Polly

Thank you Mona and your team. You work so hard to provide Toby with so much care and attention. I can relax knowing that he is being so well looked after. I love your 'at home' feel for your nursery whilst still retaining a professional environment for Toby to thrive in. Knowing Toby is with you (or any of your childcarers), means that I can relax and get on with work - not worrying every minute, if he's ok. Thank you for setting up your wonderful nursery and for allowing Toby to become a part of your 'family'. He loves it so much, he seldom wants to leave!!
Comment by: Angela Swift Flanagan


Dylan is so happy at his "home away from home". During a difficult family time Mona and the gang have been so supportive and have made Dylan's life so comfortable, which in turn made it so easy for us! You guys are amazing!
Comment by: Nicola Gamble

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The Learning Tree is a nursery in Isleworth providing a childcare services throughout Brentford, Osterley and all surrounding areas. Having developed our services in a real home setting where we achieved ‘outstanding’ status in every category of our 2011 OFSTED report, we now operate from new premises with increased resources and additional space for the children in our care.